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Home Improvement and Safety

Co2 Monitors

The Library is investing in various tech to help YOU improve your home (stud finders coming soon!), and make sure it is safe! If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Home Improvement and Safety

Home Improvement and Safety

CO₂ Monitors are available to loan as part of the library's partnership with CAVI (Community Access to Ventilation Information). To learn more, please view or place a hold in the catalogue, or view the library's info sheet.

CO2 monitors are part of the Library of Things.

Simple, always-on radon detector with short and long-term radon levels displayed on integrated LCD display. Place a hold in the catalogue!

The innovative FLIR ONE Edge Pro wirelessly connects to your smart device so you can easily inspect targets that are out of reach – or clip it onto your phone or tablet for one-handed operation. Combining VividIR™ and FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), you can take crisp thermal images from any angle. The wireless connection allows the same camera to be used with both Android and iOS devices. All your thermal images and videos are saved directly to your mobile device making them easily accessible for further use. Connecting to FLIR Ignite™ allows you to instantly upload your files to the cloud where you can create reports as well as organize, store, and share data for a more efficient workflow! Place a hold here: FLIR CAMERA LINK

Displays graphical representations of wood studs, metal studs, and pipes/wires.

Features: Locates stud centers, pipes, and wires, Detects objects up to 4 inches /10 centimeters deep inside drywall, Fully compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Extended reach: Wi-Fi connectivity - work away from your phone, Built-in rechargeable battery - won’t drain your phone.

Click here to check out a Stud Finder!