Library of Things

The Library of Things is a brand new collection of non-book items that Penticton Public Library has made available to our patrons. 

Like many new things, we expect to be making changes and adapting the collection so we can make it easily accessible. There may be hiccups in our software, unexpected bugs, or exciting new discoveries that staff and patrons make in the first few weeks. We ask that you are patient with us, and deeply appreciate your understanding.

As the shape of our community and its needs change, your library will strive to adapt and meet these needs. If you have any suggestions for items you would like to see made available in future Library of Things expansions, please visit us and talk to one of our staff members or fill out a comment card at the Service Desk.

Bat Packs

Birdwatching Backpacks

Board Games


Telescope Totes

Video Games


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